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Truss Rod Adjustments

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I'm the first to admit that I don't have a solitary clue on how to adjust/prepare/make a truss rod. So I wanted to toss this question over to the experts:

When you put the strings on a guitar, do you have to tighten the truss rod, or anything? Like, they ship all the necks from the company, so is the rod sitting there all loose and stuff, because there's no force counteracting them? You wouldn't want to tighten the truss rod and then ship it out, because it could warp.

I didn't know when I put strings on if I have to tighten the rod to compensate for the string tension, or not. Or do I wait and let the strings settle in, then check the truss rod and see if everything is good?

The more I run it over in my head, the more I'm thinking that it's the latter.

Thanks in advance!

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