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Cherry Sg Red


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Hi Mullet, my name is Mike Navarro, I own a custom shop, Guitar Zone, and one of the sevices we offer is the restauration of guitars, the are two popular colors in Gibson SG, Cherry brown & dark brown, in the case you are locking for the cherry one, first you have to strip the guitar to cero, has to be in bare wood, then, you need water stain red, to apply with a cloth (recomend to use gloves), depends the intensity of the cherry you want and the natural color has the mahogany in your guitar, is the amount of coats of the stain you have to apply (let it dry between coats), in some cases, you have to mix a very little amount of blue water stain in the red (just a tini touch) to get a tiny wine red, let it dry for 24 hours, and then start to apply the sandy sealer, several coats (4 or 5), sand with a wood flat block with 400 grit water sand paper ( carefull to do not touch edges with the sandpaper), it goin to turn white, don't get panic! it's normal, then apply with a spray gun de nitrocellulose clear (4 coats minimum) 1000 grit water sandpaper, then 2000 grit, the sandpaper backwards and buff with 3M final cut. Any cuestion you can write me to Guitarzonepr.com

Pictures of a SG restored in my shop Guitar Zone









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