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Opinions on kits?

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I'm looking at building my first guitar, and have been looking at some of the various kits around. I've been looking at some of the Strat and Tele kits. I realize that the wood quality is not the best on most of these, but are they worth even trying? Would I be better off buying a better body/neck from better sources?

I'm working on a tight budget, but I also don't want junk. For about the same price as some of the lowend kits I could just buy a Squire Strat.


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Being someone who is always trying to save money on a project, I always end up spending more money than it would have cost to buy the factory guitar. The only upside is that I have a guitar that I customized and it has everything that I want, and I'm not stuck with extra parts.

My recommendation to you is to stay away from kits unless you don't mind about quality or unless you get hooked up with a good deal. IMO they are really low end (use maple or basswood bodies) and for maybe another $100 you could get better quality. Also search ebay's Parts & Accessories pages. Usually if all you want is a Tele or Start clone, you can get the parts pretty cheap. I usually stick to Mighty Mite because they are Fender licensed and should retro fit any Fender parts. If you are buying a body make sure that you measure the heel of the neck and match them up as I have found some Japanese Fenders are slightly smaller. Check Warmoth for neck specs too since they are also licensed.

But if your budget is under $200, I'd just buy a Squire because they are usually good quality if not better than the kits (go to Fender's website for body specs--Affinity's are alder). Then search for a Fender decal on ebay if the Squire name is leaving a bad tase in your mouth. Upgrade pickups and tuners if need be. You can always strip the body if your plan was to paint it yourself.

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Thank you for your input. I was leaning the same way on the quality of some of the box kits. I also came to the same conclusion about the Squire, as I can pick one up for about the same price as the kit, if I shop hard.

I am sersiously leaning towards digging out the tools, and trying my hand at making my own body, and buying a neck. I just need to do more homework (and bugging everyone here) to make a logical plan.

Thanks again

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