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  1. you guys are cracking me up with the atlas/homer bit...I didn't expect three pages of comments, but cool. I will take the body back into the shop and to some touchups and the router burns etc. Someone asked once upon a time in this thread about Mighty Might necks...they are fender licensed so they are equivalent to Mexican made necks to me. The one thing I did notice is that they need some fret work on the edges. Otherwise they are fine and up to par with Allparts and WD. Personally I like the Allparts necks, but since there are a plethora of Mighty Might necks on Ebay for about $70-90, it'
  2. So...I've been a bad project guitarist...away for too long. But the upside is that I've been researching and finally building guitars. I thought since everyone at this forum has been nice to me and helpful over the years, I thought I'd share my current project. So over the past year I have been fortunate to work with some guys who spend their life creating and building with their own hands. The company is called CCG Woodworks. They do custom cabinetry, desks, and furniture to fit the client's needs. The guy I know is my buddy Phil Ebner, Deutschland's dorkus-extrordinaire--he was the f
  3. Just wondering if anyone knew of a thread or had experience in this. It sees fairly easy but once upon a time a long while back I tried this on an old Epiphone pickup and all I got was wax all over the place. Here's the specs: 2004 Gibson Les Paul Studio. I want the covers to be black (just like the chrome, but flat black). I can get the covers, but I wanted to know if there was anything more to it than just unscrewing the screws. Also will a double-black model (ala Seymour Duncan JB non covered) fit under these covers in case I need coil tapping functions? Sorry for vague question
  4. Thanks guys! I'm not sure about the peeing either. I think a better option is to wrap the metal in my sweaty gym shirt. Not sure if I want my guitar to smell like pee, or coffee for that matter. But I digress... Studio wear...hmmm sure. I guess that's the best description. I'm gonna try the amber from Reranch first on the neck, and then decide if I really want to beat up this pretty Candy Apple Red finish. Perhaps it's back to Ebay for a cheap guitar body purchase...
  5. Hey thanks guys! I knew you'd come thru. I guess I should clarify my meaning of relic, as the Rory Gallager and SRV strat fall under my list of "semi-stripped" guitars. The Rory strat website goes over color-relic'ing the neck, which was one of my main goals and helps a lot. Dave I don't mean to steal all your secrets, but wear spots would be a good one. For example, I see a lot of sunbursts and black strats have the forearm wear, and chips and dings around the edges. Others have the edge of the tummy cut and the typical belt buckle wears. Aside from screwdrivers and hammers, what kind of
  6. I just listened to "Actual Time". Very cool. Needs a singer and you guys could be the next Pantera (RIP).
  7. I'm in Divided By Zero (hence Divided By James) and it was formerly called Ghoulspoon. We're mentioned in numerous thank you's from many national bands like No Doubt and Korn (see first album....they spelled it Goulspoon...geniuses ). We also have a song on The Playstation game Twisted Metal 4 (under Ghoulspoon). When we're rockin...we sound like a heavier version of 311...or how I put it..."when Stevie Wonder meets Slayer". We also do acoustic versions of our own music. Our 4-song EP can be downloaded here: http://www.dividedbyzero.tv/ or can be heard for free here: http://www.mys
  8. I have a Mesa Dual Recto head and I'm quite happy with it. Here's my 2 cents Marshall - Industry Standard. Mode IV or JCM series, yes for studio purposes. Otherwise too nasal for me. Mesa/Boogie - Heads only. Combos lose bass frequencies. Crate - I have a V series. Worth what I paid (NAMM show dealer cost). Very noisy amps otherwise. Randall - I'd get their high end or modular models just to see how they model the amps Hughes & Kettner - the one with the glass front is cool but I witnessed a drummer drop his guitarist's head and shatter the entire thing. Note to self. Carry your ow
  9. Hey everyone, I haven't been here for a while and it's good to see the forum alive and well. I've seen beautiful guitars being built that would be equivalent or better than any custom builders out there - congrats on your efforts! So as the typical anti-guy I bring you this request... I was just wondering if there were threads on relic'ing a guitar. I know you're thinking "duh just tie it to a string and drag it behind your car..." but I'm talking about honestly making it look vintage (40+ years old) when you start off with a brand new shiney guitar. All the forum stuff is about making be
  10. My 2 cents... I've found that Squire has upped the quality of their instruments. Unfortunately their name still leaves a bad taste in people's mouths because they used to be super cheap quality guitars. Some squiers use alder which I think is quality, but some use agathis, which I've always strayed from. The Affinity strats are decent and the only noticable thing I noticed about them is that the body is not nearly as thick (from trem plate to pickguard) as a regular Fender. $150 is a bit pricey to spend on a low end guitar in my opinion. I would have used the my money to buy one off
  11. Gawd I have posted in forever...my 2 cents If you aren't concerned with wood quality, electronics, or brand name, you can generally get a $99 Epiphone from Guitar Center or Musician's Friend. If quality is a concern then I offer this (same I've told to friends interested in buying): Go with a bookmatched one-piece solid top guitar. Resale wise it is better, and it will age over time. Inexpensive solid tops I have seen in catalogs that have decent resale value are Epiphone AJ200S/PR350S, Ibanez "Artwood", Breedlove Atlas, Fender DG14 (& higher), and Carvin Cobalt to name a few. They
  12. On covered pickups (ie. Les Paul/McCarty style) the adjustable poles are on the outter most part of the pickup. So for the bridge pickups the adj. poles are closest to the bridge itself...the neck pickups, the adj. poles are closest to the fingerboard. Most uncovered pickups have set and adjustable poles (except maybe some Dimarzio). I'd check the back of the pickup for writing (not stickers) and align them. Then see which adj. poles are on the top (neck pickup) and which are on the bottom (bridge). Or see which has the longer wires (neck genereally have longer wires since they are farther awa
  13. my $0.02... ouija graphic is cool and easier to do than the custom art ones he has. Plus it will merge the two concepts together than the vintage (it'll just be a beat up black jem at that point). You can pick up an ouija board at Toys R Us for $20 and then have a graphic artist scan and cut the pieces to a thin vinyl. Apply to a black body then clear coat and yer done. My question is if she's on a boat, where the hell is she gonna play it and out of what amp? I almost am agreeing for teh steinberger body since space may be an issue (altho I speak out of ignorance as I've never been in the
  14. Go Here. Strangley enough I posted an EBay auction for it. I think the last I saw it was at about $66.
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