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Semi-hollow Project

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The light makes the front photo look odd.

I finished the lacquer job and in a few days are ready for sanding, polishing etc.

What is the ideal grit to wet sand with and would a drop of detergent with the water be the best to use?

I have 1500 grit.

Next query for fret work is due to the width of the binding I need to glue the fret ends to wood binding to lock it in place so it wont move or lift. What glue? Super glue, Weld on binding cement?

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Thanks Mattia for the quick reply. I thought super glue might be the thing to use although the binding cement also acts like a super glue as well.

Yes I will leave the paper in the "F" holes until the finishing work is all done as I don't want any marks inside as they will be very difficult to clean. I will try the 1500 and se how that goes. I also have some ultra-fine buffing compound I may try that as well.

I thought I would find find a nice white masking tape to wrap the wiring to make it as invisible as possible thru the F holes. The only problem is it is so hard to remove if it has been on a long time but I will worry about that when the time comes.

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The lacquers had about 5 days to cure so is ready for sanding polishing but I still have to glue the fret ends down first where they go over the binding. Then a fret level, crown and polish. After that it is assembly time and final wiring etc and that final moment when the lead goes into the amp and sound bursts forth.

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