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Hey this is kind of a newb question but I am staining a piece of mahogany in stew mac cherry red recomended mix using achohol and when I put it on its a very nice briliant red then once drie or soaks in the wood it dulls downbut my questin is once it dries there are some areas where the stain is thick that is closer to what it looks like when it's wet so am I trying to make the whole guitar look like this or am I trying to make it all look like the dull area and once I seal and laquer it it the bright brilliant red will come back. All help is apreciated cheers.

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It's normal for it to "dull down" as it dries. The color pops back when you clearcoat it.

Mahogany can be hard to stain evenly... I normally use water with the stewmac stuff. Alcohol dries much faster and makes it more difficult to apply without getting streaks. Work quickly and try to wipe it on as evenly as possible.


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