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Building A Les Paul

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Hey folks,

Im the middle of a Les Paul build. I wanted to ask some general and specific questions that have been concerning me...as I move through this build. So far, I've got the mahogany body completed...control cavity, switch cavity, channel between the two, etc done....but before I trudge on, I wanted to ask these questions. I thank anyone in advance for responding and offering advice:

1. Neck joint angle questions

The way I see it, I have a few options in order to create the neck angle on the body. I could either run the entire body through my tablesaw, with the blade set at an angle (ive seen this done online, but it seems the chances for mistake or an inacurate cut is high) I could create the angle with a belt sander....or I can build a router jig similar to what Setch did on his site.....Can you guys offer some insight as to what the best option or advise me of another option?

2. tennon / neck pocket questions

Two options here. Build the angle into the tennon and route a flat pocket. My templates (from Ronnie at GuitarBuildingTemplates.com) seem to be built around this concept....OR...build a straight tennon and route the pocket at an angle. To me, although there are more angled cuts, the flat pocket with the angled tennon seems to be easier to accomplish....as getting the angled pocket right, seems tough. Am I wrong....any advice or other ideas is welcome!

3. Routing block inlays

This is the first time I'm doing any inlays beyond that of regular dot inlays (which I just use a drill bit for). In this case, my fingerboard is already radiused from StewMac....so I see a few problems with this. Tracing the inlays would be a less exact process as the inlays would be wobbling on an already radiused board. Then, routing would be problematic as the dremel router base would follow a radiused board (Unless I make wings to temporarily attach on both sides of the fingerboard so that the router base is steady and flat....Any suggestions here?

Thanks for any and all help regarding this.


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