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Will This Work?

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First of all let me appologize for posting this question here because I pretty much asked it in another thread. But the question was burried and I figure I would get a better range of answers by starting a new thread.

O.k. here we go:

The neck that I am basing this off of is an 80's baby dean short-scale neck. Pretty much a Gibson scale neck. Before I left the house I measured the thickness (of the Dean's neck) with my digi-capiler.


Then I measured the wood (Rock Maple) at the dealer and was disappointed that they did not have anything thicker to work with. But, cosidering that the Dean neck was measured with a fret board on... I figure buy the time I get a fret board attached to my maple, I will have enough thickness to work with. (Somebody PLEASE tell my I will have enough to work with help.gif ). Here is the thickness of the maple I bought:


They did have short pieces of Rosewood I could have bought. But after giving it some thought I decided for my first project I should just put my pride to the side and order a fretted neck board from stewie-mac or all parts.

Everything measures out ok when I added the fretboard width .

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