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Duplicolor Mirage Questions


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I'm intending to spray a tele in the next few weeks and Duplicolor mirage paint intrigues me. I think i'm going to try the red/blue mix and it seems the consensus is to use Deft or another clear lacquer other than the one duplicolor supplies in the kit.

Has anyone experimented with spraying the 2nd stage mirage color coat with and without the 1st stage black primer? I know that the mirage effect requires the black primer to maintain its color changing properties, but has anyone tried laying it down on its own?

My idea is that by taping off, say racing stripes prior to spraying the first stage primer, you could create a subtle but noticeable effect in the paint. I'm thinking that at some light angles the whole guitar might appear to be a uniform color while at other angles the taped off area would stand out. OR my idea could be crap and it wouldn't work very well at all. What do you think?

2nd question - Can I get good coverage of the guitar with just one kit's worth or will i need to buy a few

Thanks for the help

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Okay, so I did some testing on scrap and answered my own question, for anyone interested:

Spraying the 2nd stage without the primer did not create the effect I hoped it would so I went ahead and just sprayed normally. The color change is sweet - it goes from a dark burnt red to royal purple to a bright navy blue. It did a beautiful job of self-leveling and will require minimal wet-sanding and buffing when it's done curing. Great stuff for anyone desiring a cheaper rattle can finish. ~ $28 for the kit and a few cans of deft clear lacquer.

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I used one of these kits (purple-green) on a Strat body a while back. I found there was barely enough colour to do the body, enough for 2 decent coats and the third went spattery on me. As you prolley know the clear is kind of bunk but whatever if you can toss 'er for the deft, eh? I was fairly pleased with my project for the price of the kit. :D :D

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