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There Is A Reason For Everything


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So I glue the Headstock to my neckthru Bass, and as I check the top where the fretboard attaches the angle is a hair off.Now I realised I should have checked it FIRST.Yeah I know,I`m a... (FILL IN THE BLANK HERE).

I made my own scarf jig and faced the angles very nicely.

Now I figure out where it went off.

My neckthru has an angled neck.I made that angle with neck taper before I did the scarf joint,so now when I put the neck in my router jig with the headstock(same thickness end to end) at the same time as neck(different thickness end to end),and route,the angle is a hair different on one than the other= Bad Scarf

Well Thank God I caught it right away.I pulled it apart and quickly wiped all the glue off.It could have been a disaster.

Today I fixed it and it has glued up nicely. :D

Here`s the Joke part...

"My first guitar didn`t have a headstock,how was I supposed to know!" :D

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