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Type of Finish

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Ok, heres the deal, Im just a teenager who plays guitar, and i'm getting a new one for christmas. Now i have this old one which is not which alot, I think it was from Argos, (very first guitar)(i was 6), and i was looking at all the projects on this website and i thought a could do a bit of shop work with my dad (hes good at wood work) and redesign this guitar. ( i want to reshape and refinish the body), but the problem is i dont know what the finish is! its very hard and shiny and black, i had a feeling it was coated in laquer. My dad says it is just mass produced and dipped in black laquer, and he's usually right, what is the best way of getting all this stuff off?

and is this worth while doing?!

:D UK - the paradise island B)

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