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1 Wire Too Many


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I am an electronic moron and need your help.I am building an SG that has 1 volume and 1 tone pot.I pretty much copied a Epiphone Special.The pickups on my Epiphone have a single wire and a ground.The pickups that I want to use are a V1 and V2 from an Ibanez and have a ground and 2 wires.I am using a regular 3 way switch.Thanks

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The extra wire is for using single coil option. If you don't want that option, usually employs an extra toggle switch, then just tape off the end of that wire. Which wire is which? Easy enough to find out with a multimeter. Set the meter to Ω X 1000 and measure the resistance between one wire and the known ground wire, measure again between the other wire and the ground. Which ever reading gives the most resistance is the one you use for full humbucking, ie. both coils in series.

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