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Graf Tuners - Nylon-string Guitar

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I know nothing about anything, but someone pointed me to these and asked if they were good. I guess my co-worker met this guy, had a conversation regarding the tuners, and filed it away to ask me about later. We looked at the website and I had no insight, but it seemed worth sharing:


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I am sure they are nice sets. There are several Boutique options for classical tuners. You can pay less than $15 for cheap low quality sets, $50-100 for good sets, $200 for very nice quality(with modern features for better wear and smoothness), then you can go boutique to well over $1000 per. set. My personal feeling is that you kinda make a jump in quality, durability, and smoothness up to about $200, but from there up the gains may be harder to note(short of cosmetic upgrades).


P.S. I have No idea how much Graf charges for those sets. All I could see was a $100 down to get the order started.

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