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Fretboard Tollerances.

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I need some advice. I've recently finishished my neck. I used block abolone on fret board,{pre-radiued} I found when I saned down the shell I over radiused the first fret more than 12 degress. What should I do? thanks Chris.

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if i understand, you inlayed pearl onto a radiused board, then when you were cleaning it up you took more wood off, changing the radius?

if so, id sand it so it looked nice, put in the frets, and do your best to stay true to the radius while dressing them;

Thanks alot low end that seems pretty logical.Another question I've never posted pictures on the site is their any way you could tell me hoe to do it. Ill send you the pictures, thanks for all the help

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no problem,

the way i post pics is thru photobucket;

start an account (its free;just costs time) put all your pics on there; you can resize them there aswell;

click on the pic you want take and there will be 3 adresses on the right hand side; copy the one that is for msg boards and paste it in your post;

i think theres an easier way; but thats how i got used to it.

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