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I know that this might be the dumbest question some of you may have heard but Ill ask it anyhow is there a difference between Polyeurethane and Lacquer Is polyeurethane a newer product that doesnt discolor or something? Because when I look for lacquer all i can find is polyeurethane...So are they the same? And also when you actually putting the last layer on the guitar for protection should you use poly or lacquer? Thank you very much

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There are severral poly vs lacquer or poly vs nitro threads, a little search will do you. I had one a few weeks back titled 'So can poly do this?' --the conclusion I reached from the responses was that poly wasn't right for me.

Since some of the info you're looking for is kind of buried in there, I'll just tell you: polyurethane won't change color (because it's synthetic...acrylic won't change color either).

Nitro will yellow over time, more or less depending on how and where you store your guitar. I have a nitro-covered cherry red Gibson that is still cherry red after more than 40 years. I had another one, same age, that had turned brown.

As for which to use, that depends on what you have on there in the first place. It sounds like you're just at the beginning of learning about finishing--it's worth the time to spend a while reading up and learning about it all.

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