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Pick Up Wiring


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ok so I am finishing up with my guitar project and i have come down to painting and the electronics. I have 1 emg select pick up that has 3 wires a thin white one thin red one and thick black one and a standard humbucker that will go in the neck and that has a thin white and thick black wire but no red. I have four pots 2 tone and 2 volume and one standard les paul 3 way switch. and final 1/4 input. how would I set this wiring up. mind that i am only a 16 year old kid so maybe if you could draw it out or something that would be more helpful. thanks.

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I don't think there's a standard color-code for the wires. I would start with a multimeter and, with the 3-wire pickup, figure out which wires are which (ground, humbucker, coil-cut). I would measure the resistance between black and red and then black and white. One resistance should be double the other, and you would use those two wires for a humbucker connection. If you didn't have a pickup with a coil-cut option, I don't think it would matter which leads you used as ground, as long as ground was the same on each pickup if you wanted to use the pickups in parallel (so they would remain "in phase").

The best way to learn may be to just start wiring it (maybe not soldering yet) until you get a sound you like. Also, there are tons of wiring diagrams on the web, just google it or something.

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