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Splitting Humbuckers


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I just finished making a 2-wire HB into a 3-wire HB. Wanna know how? You have to go into the pickup, find the wire connecting the two sides of the beast and then hook into that.

I had some Epi HB's that were off a 90's-ish Slammer Explorer that I harvested for my latest project. I wanted to be able to split the coils of the pickup and figured out that you don't need to cut the wire joining the two sides of the pickup. I had to cut the cloth wrapping/shileding stuff to get to the wire. I stripped it carefully with an exacto blade, shaving off the insulation all around until I had a small section of exposed wire. Other sites tell you to cut this but if you're just cutting one coil you don't have to. Just make a T shaped solder joint with a new wire and take that new wire to your switch. If you had access to both ends of that conecting wire, you just end up soldering them together in the end.

I've read other things about cutting the connecting wire to do parallel wiring and other neat stuff but if you just want to cut out a coil all you need is a T joint :D


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You should be able to unwind the cloth tape instead of cutting it. I would always turn them into 4-wire just in case you want all option later down the road. Plus, when you upgrade to better PU's, whoever you give the modded ones to might want all options. Heat-shrink tubing over all wires...done.

Pretty cool modding the PU wiring, huh? Your 1st one?

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