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Portable Table Saw


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Anyone know anything about this saw?

DeWalt DW745

My very old inexpensive Rockwell table saw appears to have finally died. I saw this saw in Lowes today and it interested me. At the moment, I need something small due to space issues. My primary use will be to make jigs, etc using plywood, mdf and maybe some hardwood. I don't really have a need to cut guitar body blanks to size or cut a 4'x8' sheet of plywood or anything like that.

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These little portable saws are usually referred to as contractor saws, as opposed to the big heavy floorstanding units called cabinet saws. I have not used the DeWalt unit in question but have used some other contractor saws, one Bosch one and one Craftsman. A well made contractor saw works just fine, although it does not have quite the stability or accuracy of a cabinet saw. For what you say you will use it for though, it sounds like even a contractor saw is overkill and you would get along just fine with a circular saw and a decent guide, which would cost a lot less, even if you purchased a very good circular saw. This option would also take up a lot less space.

If/when I get a space to set up shop semipermanently, I intend to get a good bandsaw and a drill press and the table saw may or may not be added for years. I don't have much use for one and what use I do have for one can be done with my circular saw or chop saw.

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Ryobi makes a very compact saw with a stand which gives it more stability: closer to a contractor saw. The small table saws or, portable saws, tend to be less stable and more dangerous to use. One of the last reviews I read, I think in Fine Woodworking, tended to cast them as unsafe. They have improved in the last couple of years and the stand would help it. FWW's latest review from '06 rated the Bosch as best-at $500, at the range of a contractor saw. The Ryobi stand collapses so the saw is easily stored or wheeled around like a hand truck to the spot where you want it set up. That unit was given best value for $200!. As jnewman stated, a good circular saw and straightedge clamp may be fine. There are new saw/straightedge combos that have gotten good reviews. The Festool got a good writeup but, but its pricey and you have to get their saw, too. There is a straightedge unit you can buy on its own for about $80, I can't recall the brand. If only the motor is gone on your Rockwell, it may be worth it to repair it. Finally, check craig's list in your area for a used saw. I got my mint cond. Delta contractor saw with extension, unifence, 1.5 hp motor and accessories for $400. Good luck with your decision.

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Thanks guys. Thats helpful.

I have a circular saw and a couple of straightedge options so I can and probably use that for a while. That works easier for sheet stock but isn't really viable for, say, ripping 2x4 stock.

After I left Lowes, I went to Sears. Neither of these trips had any thing to do with saws, I was just "browsing". :D

Sears had several portable tabletop saws. I wouldn't have any interest in any of them - flimsy. I had a real good look at the DeWalt and it appeared solid with good features. I had never considered a saw of this type so I posted this question. I don't really need it to be portable, just small. My plan would be to make a dedicated cart (I made one for my spindle sander) with locking casters, etc and affix the saw to that. That way, I get a saw and storage.

Craigslist is a good idea.

Well, no hurry. Maybe I'll just get a big cabinet saw and tell my wife she has to park her car outside. :D

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