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Could Someone Please Verify This Diagram?


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A member of another board (TalkBass.com) asked for a modified J-bass diagram, I decided to see what I could come up with.

He wanted:

3 switches - Neck on/off, Bridge on/off, Series/parallel.

1 volume, no cap.

Will this work?


It seems I may have some weird phase reversal type thing going on.

An experts opinion would be greatly appreciated.



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Is this gonna work? In a word.... No...

okay SonicSid,

you got the one word answer, here's the long version...

at the heart of your circuit, is a series/parallel switch.

when turning off a pickup in a parallel circuit, you just disconnect it.

when turning off a pickup in a series circuit, you disconnect it AND replace it with a "shunt".

your circuit will work correctly in series, whether both, one, or no pickup is selected.

but in parallel, it will only work with both pickups on.

IMHO, this leaves too many possibilities for "dead spots".

there are a few alternatives.

you could use 2 DPDT switches, and get the following combinations:

both parallel

neck only

bridge only

both series.

i do like this one. it requires 2 fairly simple switches, and there are no dead spots.

you could use a SP3T switch and a DPDT to get the above combination, but in a different manner.

in one position of the DPDT, the SP3T functions like a LP or Tele selector.

neck / both (parallel) / bridge

in the other position of the DPDT, the pickups are in series regardless of the position of the SP3T.

although, it required 1 more complicated switch, having the series combo available at the flip of one switch is seen by some as a huge benefit.

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hi Sid,

these switch puzzles are fun. i dont want to take any of that away from you so .... no peeking.

when you solve it, compare your result to this:


and/or this:


it will be interesting to see the similarities and differences between what you come up with, and what i did.

good luck,


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