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Need Help Changing A S-s-s Strat Into A H-s-h With Killswitch


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I was opnening up my old strat copy today, and I noticed for the first time it's routed for a H-S-H configuration, even though it came with a S-S-S setup. I recently had the pups in my ibanez changed, so I have 2 ibanez humbuckers, 5 500k pots, 2 25k pots (I think), a few stereo jacks and 2 8-way switches lying around. Would all I have to buy be a hsh strat pickguard and an spst for the killswitch? Or could I cut the pickguard myself?

Please post any wiring diagrams if you have any.

BTW, the humbuckers have a red, a black, a white, a blue and a bare wire coming from them, if that changes the diagram in any way.

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The wires you describe are for each coil in the HB, one pair (don't remember colors off hand) of wires for the front single coil, the other pair for the rear coil. This means you can hardwire them to be HB only, or you can single out coils depending on how you wire them. They have a lot of versitility that way.

You could cut the existing pick guard if you wish but new ones are cheap and come in a varity of cool colors and styles so you may want to go that way.

Be advised that just because you put HBs in there, you may not like the sound, or at least miss the original sound.


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