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First Build - Schematic Help.


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So - basically - the electronics time has come for my first build.

I'm gonna be having dual humbuckers.

Instead of a pickup selector (hate them) - I'm having just an on/off switch for each pickup. These will be push switches.

No tone/volume controls.

I'm asking this:

I've read several times on this forum, that I don't NEED any resistors atall - it'll just be REALLY bright without. Is this correct?

If I feel it's too bright - I'll dismantle and put a fixed resistor in.


Is this Ok?


I read of grounding.

I know what this IS - but what do I need to take wires from, and where do I need to take them to?

Would be much appriciated if someone could draw on my diagram - or make a new one with corrections.

Thanks yummy loads :D


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I don't have any experience with a low-resistance wiring, so I'm afraid I'm of no use there.

Typically the ground point is the bridge (usually, I've picked a point on the inside of the control cavity, grounded everything there, then run a wire from that point up to one of the bridge screws).

Isn't "yummy loads" a spam flick...? :D

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The schematics you want can easily be derived from the schematics available at pickup manufacturer sites, so I won't speak on that. However, you should know that when you say "resistors," you mean "capacitors." Putting a resistor in series with your pickups will reduce the volume like a fixed volume pot. However, putting a capacitor in parallel with your pickups will attenuate some of the frequencies, thereby giving you the effect of a fixed tone pot. Changing the value of the capacitor will change the frequencies attenuated, putting different values of resistors in series with the capacitor will vary the magnitude of a certain frequency the capacitor is able to bleed off. Well, that's all not exactly correct, but for what you're doing, it'll serve as a fine rule of thumb.



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@ Thegarehanman: (or anyone else who can help :D)

You seem to know your stuff. If you could give any advice as to what grounding is?

I've read you can just solder all the ground wires to the back of a pot. If I just screw a small screw into the side of the controll cavity, and attatch them to that - will that be enough?

I don't know how I'd be able to get a hole to the bridge pin. I'm having small cavities - and it was trouble enough connecting the two pickup cavities together.

My other questions are answered. Now there is only the one about grounding to fix :D

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