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Bridge Shim

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Well, working on Franken-Tele, i had a screw head break off in the neck, so i cannot remove the neck to shim it, i need to raise the bridge height because it is the problem. Not to mention that one of the lower screws split/cracked the neck heel, however the neck sits tight against the body so no need to fix any of this and no need to get more headaches. So should I shim the bridge at the front side so it is at a slant going downwards toward the tail or should i make a shim with screw holes that will allow the bridge to be flat but up higher. Also I am going to shim it with pickguard material.

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Need more info and some pics, but it sounds as though you're going to have more problems. You could get a set of easy-outs to get the screws out. I'm guessing that the neck is out of alignment and not the bridge. The neck is probably pulling towards the front more than it should and is succumbing to the string tension. I'm betting it's not as tight against the body as you think it is, especially where there's a split/crack at the heel. If that's happening and screws are breaking, something else is going on and playing with the bridge will only be a short, if any, fix. Check your truss rod also; is it adjusted properly? Is it broken?

You haven't explained why the bridge "is the problem". I'm assuming you don't have a trem. Raising will effect the action and possibly intonation. Have you tried raising each individual string by the bridge's adjustment screws (I'm assuming you have a tele bridge, but not sure which one. The traditional barrel types can be a problem to adjust.)?

If you can, get us some more info and pics (see the rules on posting pics). Sorry for the not so encouraging response, but I think, based on what you tell us, it's best to tackle that problem before anything else. I'm sure with more info the forum will be able to respond better. :D

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i have a six individual piece brisge. i didnt shim it after all, i just raised each string to a ridiculous height and shimmed the low E and A. because they couldnt go higher. the neck angle to string height at bridge seems fine now. and if i were to easy out the screw then plug it it would be ugly and probably more of a long term problem. I would have to reclamp the heel and glue it and .......... i really dont feel like doing all that this thing was designed to be played and beat like all teles not to be aesthetically pleasing, i mean hell i will probably replace the body in the futue if i feel like it

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