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Sealer On Guitar Kit Body?


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Hi everyone,

Ok, so after reading over all the great info on this site many times, I've finally had the courage this weekend to start my guitar kit. (saga LP),,

BUT,, when I started to apply the water dye to my guitar body,, it just beaded up and dried,, I sanded the heck out of the top (went to 180) and still nothing would work. (except the bare spots where my husband said were probably branches or something, which the dye soaked in fine and very dark, which of course causes another problem) I cannot seem to get whatever they sealed it with off.. If anyone has any clues on how to remove the sealer or coating, without damaging the wood,, please let me know. I really don't want to have to paint this guitar,, I had my heart set on using the water dyes..

I'm guessing the saga kits aren't that great for this type of finishing,, I should have read up more on kits before I went for the cheap one!!

Thanks for any comments

(and by the way, all you people on this site are WAY more informative than any of the books I've read on finishing guitars!! Keep up the great work!)


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Hi Sherry and welcome, I used the search funtion for 'Saga' and turned up another thread with and attempt at stripping a Saga:


They mention the stubborn factory sealant/finish which may mean you'll have to go over whats there with paint or use a color tinted clear coat. Dont fret :D ,you still have a few good choices. Hope this helps. -Vinny

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