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Totally New And Totally Lost

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Hey all, i am new to this forum but i joined so i can obtain more knowledge.

My guitar is sunburst in colour and from what i have read, i must strip til bare wood through using sand papers.( Anyone mind telling me when to use how much grits of sand paper? Thanks)

So when i got the body into bare wood, what do i do first? Spray a base coat or spray some laqeur?

So when i spray a coat of my desired colour, do i put on laqeur and sand it down(how much grit do i need to use?) ?

Or should i spray more coats of colour instead of 1 before putting on laqeur and sand it down?

Yeah, i just need to know about stripping and painting first, i'll ask about polishing when i get the job done :O

Another question is when i want to do complicated designs, do i use graphite pens to draw them or i cut bits by bits of template paper and paint spray it? Lets say if the body i painting consist of 5 kinds of colour, so i need to paint all colour on the body before laqeur and sanding? Or do i have to do 1 colour first and then do another colour and sand the whole thing?

Sorry for being such a newbie.. :D

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