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Whats Up With This Schematic?


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Hey after spending most of last night wiring this up i was less then amused to find after stringing the guitar a few minutes ago that its not working. Heres the schematic of how i wired it


The problem is when i pull up the push-pull pot tot urn the varitone on it doesnt do anything. So is the pot broke or have i wired it wrong?

i tried taking the wire of the push pull and putting it directly tot he hot lug on the jaxck. Whih then worked but not with as good a results as i had hoped for and when in possition 3 & 5 on the variton the volume is extremely low. Can any1 help me with this.


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The switch on a push-pull pot is not in any way connected to the lugs of the pot. It's a wholly separate DPDT switch that just happens to be activated by pulling/pushing the pot shaft. So basically what you have drawn there is connecting to varitone to a switch and then not connecting the switch to anything. I'm not sure exactly how varitones are supposed to be wired, but that isn't it :D.

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You have it wired wrong. The reason it does nothing when you pull the push pull pot up is because the wire to the varitone isnt connected to anything. You need a wire to the middle push pull switch lug to the middle tag of the pot. Then it should work. Remember you wired it to the hot output of the jack and it worked? when the switch is active it needs to be connected to that. at the moment it isnt. So middle switch lug to middle volume pot lug and ur home and dry. As for not working as well as you'd hoped, thats one of the things with varitones, they can take a while to get the values right of the capacitors. As Big D, seems to do alot of em.


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