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Twenty Years Old

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This is one of my first electric guitars. The front and back are fiber glass. The neck is hickory. The sides are made of maple. And the fret board is glass. Scaled to 25". It has a Martin style truss rod.


I have played it for twenty years, the action is getting hard to play. The back has to be removed and some repair needs to be made. So I am building another before I start the repairs. Jofes.

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Glass fretboard? Cool idea, bet it feels real fast! How'd you fret without chipping it? Radius it? etc. etc. Bet it sounds glassy too :D


Chris, each piece of glass was cut to length and sanded. There is a fiber mat between the glass frets and neck. This held the epoxy. The glass and fret wire was then set into the mat. A leveling bar was then placed on top of the fret wires. After the epoxy set up the frets were very level. A maple edge trim was then added. The first three frets now have a hairline crack between D and G, probably caused by the truss rod. There is no radius on the fret glass. The bridge has rolling adjusters. I have learned to put a spot of instant glue under them after they are set. Breaking strings and I was searching for the adjuster. Thanks for your interest. Jofes.

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