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Nut Issues

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Hi guys, I recently bought a Squier Stratocaster (Affinity seris). I don't have any experience with Fenders or their copies.

What bugs me is the distance between the strings and the frets at the lower end of the neck. It is too high, I think

The action in the lower part of the neck is around 1,5 mm from the crown of the first fret to the string and the nut itself is 3-3,5 mm high.

I find it kind of uncomfortable if not difficult to fret the strings at the low edn of the fretboard - it feels like I'm playing beyond 12th fret on my Ibanez, just more difficult. :D

Of course, I am having action issues all along the neck but this is totally killing me. I mean - some people (myself included) are unhappy when the action is 1,5 mm at the 12th fret, let alone at the first one...

The action at the first fret on most guitars I have owned has always been just a fraction of a milimeter. At the moment I am staring at another guitar of mine and I am guessing that it's action at 1st fret is only like 0,2 mm or so - the fat E string is just barely above the crown of the fret.

Here is a photo of the bad Squier nut I made:


Am I missing something?

Is a nut that high typical for any Fender/Squier Stratocaster or is just mine that is like that?

Do you think that cutting the nut's fullers deeper or installing a completely new nut is absolutely necessary or should I leave it like that because this is just the way any Stratocaster should be?


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You are an amazing fella. It is too bad you didn't actually take any advise in your past topics and actually learn how to set up your guitars. If you did you wouldn't be asking such a basic question. Kinda sad really.

I sure hope you follow that link Southpa just posted, and read the information. If you ever get around to reading the tutorials on set-ups on the main Project Guitar page you would get this question and many others answered also. If you don't, well good luck guessing your way through set-ups, and arguing about low action.


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Is a nut that high typical for any Fender/Squier Stratocaster or is just mine that is like that?


No I dont think this is typical at all. The ones I have played (about four in all) were in the .010"-.015" range at the first fret. Is your bridge set down on the body? Trem springs missing? How high at the 12th fret?

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I almost thought that classic Stratocasters and their copies are supposed to have that high action because it's the "vintage" way to go. Hehe, I'm glad that it's not true.

Will cut that piece of plastic down until I have same nut action as on my Ibanez.

Normal action that is.

Thanks guys.

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