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How To Build A Esp George Lynch Sunburst Tiger

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i will be attempting to make this guitar (except for the neck) as my major assignment for my woodwork class this year and i basically need to get all the measurements, stencils, templates, pics, specs, ect... so any help you guys can give me would really help in my 'quest'.. thanks.


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One of our old veteran members (Dave Q I believe) built a guitar exactly like that and gave good details about how he built it, it's here in the archives somewhere...you'll need to search for it unless someone can drum it up for you.

Just use the searchword Lynch and search back a few years, you'll find it I'm sure.

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No, I don't think that's it. Try going back another year or so, Dave would build a guitar a year, roughly.

If you find it, there will be copious references to Lynch and tiger striping etc..., it will be very obvious to you when you find it, and I don't think there will be any references to other guitars, it was a thread on that guitar only and it's making, how he did the tiger striping, etc.

Dave was a member here for several years, so you may need to continue to go back in time to find it.

Sucks that his pic links no longer work tho...

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