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Pre-slotted Fretboards

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Does any one know where I can get a pre-slotted or fretted ebony fingerboard for a 24 fret neck with specifications:

25-1/2" Scale

2-3/16" Measurement at the Heel

1-5/8" Floyd Rose Nut

Fret size .110" X .053" crown height, more commonly known as "jumbo" frets.

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My advice is to go through the tutorials on this site and your question(s) will most likely be answered. Also, Dan Erlwine's guitar repair book is an excellent source of information.

Have fun...this learning process is one of the most fun parts of repair and building of instruments.


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Thanks, it does. I never replaced a fingerboard before and was unsure if I could cut a fingerboard with a radius to smaller to smaller size. Would I just cut an even amount off both sides?

There is no cutting involved when radiusing a fingerboard. It is a very simple process of running a radius block back and forth to get it down to the desired radius. These are what you'd be looking for, for radiusing. ~> Radius Blocks <~ The smaller the radius, the more curved it will be.

The closest you can get to doing as little work as possible on your part would be going with a fingerboard from www.lmii.com. You can have an ebony fingerboard slotted and radiused to what you would like, it will cost more for the extra service though. But you will not be able to find a place that will taper the fingerboard for you, you will have to do this yourself. Look through the tutorials on this site, these will probably be the most helpful for you at this point.



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