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  1. Great to hear from you, Mike! Right now I live a little south of Fort Worth (Aledo) and work in Granbury. The family business is doing well enough, family politics aside. I got out of the business last year as they refused to keep the business family management oriented. After living on small wages most of my life I knew there was no way I was going to get anywhere in the field. I now run a speciality retail store for pool chemicals / equipment and design pools full time (70-80 hours a week winter hours, 90-100 summer hours). I've been used to working 2 jobs most of my life so this is a bl
  2. I cut my hair, got a job, then got married. Pretty much in that order.
  3. Hello friends, old and new.
  4. Wow, it has been hectic lately! There was a competition to write into Good Morning America to suggest what you believe is the best BBQ restaurant in the nation. Apparently the response was so overwhelming my families restaurant made it as a top 4 finalist! GMA came in and filmed at my families place on Monday and we were on TV this morning, sweet! Now there is a vote for the best of the best of the top 4. If any of you guys could please vote for us, it would greatly be appreciated. If anyone is ever in the DFW area, please contact me for a free meal as a thank you for the vote. Just click
  5. When I got my Walnut logs cut up, I had to haul it around while it was raining pretty hard. The oils worked into my skin so deep it took over 2 weeks for my skin to look normal. I used all kinds of different hand soaps to try and pull it out and nothing worked. Denatured alcohol usually helps for taking dyes off my fingers, but I almost always wear gloves. It also helps putting stains ON your fingers if you aren't careful with what you're using it for. Denatured Alcohol + Padauk = bloody mess on hands for 2 days.
  6. Very splintery, fairly dense, and very difficult to level sand when flatsawn. Looks pretty awesome, though!
  7. I tweaked it a little...this might be a little closer to real life? That's a lot closer, thanks!
  8. Birdseye Burl top, Black Limba top, Black Limba body blank (looks much cooler in person!), and a Birdseye Maple body blank!
  9. I'm pretty sure the fretwire is made straight, then they radius it afterwards. I doubt they'd go to the trouble to straighten every single piece just so you'd have to buy a fret bender. I personally prefer straight stock since I work with radii ranging from 12" - 40". It's pretty helpful for storage as well, as storage for a few lbs. of fretwire would take up a good amount of space in a 40" radius. Personally, I am pleased with StewMac fretwire. I will definitely try a new source if I ever finish up my 2 lbs. of stewmac fretwire, though.
  10. In a few months I'll have an inexpensive studio setup to start recording my own stuff, so I can't really get you any sound examples until then. Here's what my friend used to convert the midi to Tomas Haake's kit samples: Ableton Live ~> Plugin for Ableton called EZ Drummer ~> plugin for EZ drummer called Drum Kit from Hell
  11. Personally, I do not like the rubber conveyor belt on the grizzly sanders. The pressure from the rollers press the wood down too much on the corners, causing uneven corners. This was a serious pita to fix when I would be doing a bulk amount of fingerboards a day. I would recommend a jet / performax 16-32 sander over the Grizzly rubber conveyor drum sanders. The Grizzly sanders have a lot more power / speed, though!
  12. I wrote out some drum parts in guitar pro, converted it to a midi file, then had my friend convert it to drum samples from Tomas Haake's kit. I'm surprised at how simple it was to get such nice sounding percussion. Although that may not help you out much, I'd be happy to share how this is done if you want to try it out.
  13. Once I start taking off a little bit of the fingerboard with the fret beveling tool, I stop. At this point I'll check over all the fret ends to make sure they're properly seated. When they're all seated I go over the fret ends with a piece of foam with sandpaper attached (400 grit or so) to get the frets a little bit closer, then roll the fingerboard edge consistently. If there is still visible gap from the fret slot, I'll fill the gap before rolling the fingerboard edges.
  14. Honestly, it seems like wasted effort for something that is already there. I do not believe I have ever seen an ebony fingerboard with black binding.
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