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Telecaster Wiring Options


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I was looking through the schematics on the Seymour Duncan site and have narrowed it down to the following 4 options. But I don't know the difference in the sound between them, can anyone give me a good idea of how they compare to each other and how noticeable the difference is. These are the ones I am looking at

'53 Tele

'66 Tele

Standard-3 way with one volume and one tone

Broadcaster with Blend

Also, the Broadcaster uses a 15k resistor on the 3 way switch, what will happen if I eliminate it completely or replace it with a higher or lower value?


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The three options on '53 are bridge pickup, neck pickup and then a third setting that's the neck pickup w/ a capacitor to bleed off high end to the ground so you'll get a sound something like turning your tone knob all the way down. The only differences between the 66 and the standard three-way are wire colors and the standard shows the wire to ground to the bridge. (Either of these would work how you normally expect a tele to work.) Never tried that blend circuit but it looks like you can blend in the neck pickup when you have it in the bridge position but sacrifice your tone knob to do so. It also has the neck and neck+capacitor settings like on the '53.

This is all at a glance so I might have missed something. Personally, I just go w/ the standard. There's not many time that I want the sound of the neck pickup w/ the tone rolled all the way down. The blend knob seems kind of cool though.

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