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Swamp Ash

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I have my buddy's strat (Warmoth swamp ash body w/ orig. '79 Fender neck) over to do some cool electrical mods, basically a hotrod job, and I can't get over how much I like playing this guitar! Yes, its definitely the wood. :D If you want a snappy strat sound with quick response and good sustain try to go with the lightest piece of ash you can find. My 88 strat sounds dull and muddy in comparison. Its made of alder and covered in heavy poly, weighs about 8.5 lbs. My friend's strat only weighs 5.5 lbs. Its unfortunate that where I live swamp ash (the fast growing, lightweight stuff) is considered an exotic wood. I'd like to order some in but would have to know dimensions and weight beforehand.

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but of course we should add that a guitar will not sound great just because its made from lswamp ash - that just fuels the marketing bull that surrounds this wood

When choosing wood always pick for weight, tone and appearance. Its up to you which one of those is most important but personally i choose tone - because a heavy body with a nice tap tone can always be chambered to make it lighter but you cant add a good tap tone to a lightweight wood - ifthat makes any sense at all

PS. i love good swamp ash, but i have had some that was wonderfully light and had the tone of wet cardboard

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