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12 String Bridge

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Hi. Does anyone know where I can get an abm tune-a-matic style 12 string bridge? And also where I can get the specs for one? I'd like to get the string spaceing and height before I make the neck. I'd also like to find a nut, so I can have a starting point. Thanks

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Allparts carries a tuneomatic style 12 string bridge, with separately intonatable saddles for each string.

I've got a cheap 12 string electric that just used a standard tuneomatic bridge, slotted for two strings on each saddle. It works fairly well, although it took a bit of fussing around to get the intonation workable, it's a bit of a balancing act between the bass and octave strings. Still not perfect, but good enough for rock and roll.

I think at some point I may mill my own saddles, at least one for the G string pair, to get the intonation more spot on, but for now, this works well. Just an option.

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