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Re-wire Epiphone G-400


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Hey, ive had an epi g400 for about a year now, and replaced the bridge pickup with a seymour duncan JB 4 model one, and it sounded great.

but recently the sounds been breaking up a lot. so i opened it up again and a few of the wires are pretty frayed, i think its because the pots have been spinning and putting strain on the wires. (altough, whilst reading around, it seems that a few people have had trouble with the soldering on these guitars)

so... ive decided to do a complete rewire, strip it out (replace the pots and the selector), electronically shield it while im at it too. so ive been looking around for circuit diagrams and schems. on the web, and im getting loads off different ways to do it, and none match the way that mine is done as it is. so im a bit confused.

does anyone have any suggestions about how to rewire my guitar, and any other suggestions whilst the electrics are out for that matter?

much appreciated guys. :D

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