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Solid Body Guitar Plans: How To Create Them?

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Hello, Friends.

I'm new to this beautiful forum so firstly let me give you some info about me:

I'm from Bulgaria (Europe). I'm not a professional luthier, but I have some ideas for guitar shape far different from ordinary ones (Start etc.) Till now my ideas are only sketches.

So I need help from all of you: How to make my ideas usable for real production/luthiers (automated or handmade)?

I would be grateful if you provide me information about source you use to build your guitars:

- 2D tecnical plans on paper (scale 1:1?) or downloadable file (what file extension)?) - PDF?

- 3D CAD/CAM files (what file extension)?), any requirements?

- other?

Share some opinion, pros & cons, (dis)advantages based on your experience with this kind of stuff.

Thanks to all of you.

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Use what you're familiar with. If you are an engineer like a lot of guys on here then you will likely have access to CAD programs, If you are an illustrator, computer artist or graphic designer you will likely know how to use illustration &/or painting programs but personally I like pencil & paper. If I have a design I like, I will pop into photoshop or Lightwave to play with finishes. The design comes from the person & the quality comes from the familiarity of the tools.

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