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  1. How cool is that! Count Duckula ruled!
  2. I'm a freelance 3d artist...I've just taken on a crazy/weird/cool/scarey job which involves an animation showing a Lamborghini with muscles, veins etc. under the bodywork and a pumping V12 instead of a heart....initially cool but a nightmare to work on. Anyway, I live in the UK's most Easterly town, the client is based in California. I originally requsted the call to be at 10am their time (6pm here) but they eventually got their ass in gear after lunch which was about 10.30pm here. Good job I have a home office rather than a 2hr commute.
  3. Actually red is probably more likely to be cyan as colours appear due to the rejection of light...so an object would appear red because the only part of the light spectrum that wasn't absorbed was the red light...and it's only red because we call it red, what's to say that the colour that you see as red is not actually green?...perhaps grass is actually blue but we call it green, if everyone started calling the sky brown it would still look the same, just be a different colour...OMG, I've just been awake for 16hrs and I'm talking nonsense...and I've just got off the phone to a new client...I h
  4. I seem to remember that the slow gear was more or less just an auto-swell pedal? Reverse delays are quite fun for faster playing even if it's just bluesy bends, they do just what they say on the tin...reverse the delay! It's normally quite a short delay which is why slow playing or long notes don't really work. I've wanted a fuzz factory for ages, I could see myself having hours of fun with that but I can't justify paying that much for one yet. Actually I'd quite like a lot of the ZVex pedals.
  5. Yeah the synth-wah is cool too...I have one of those as well. As well as the standard Whammy, there's been a bunch of variations over the years such as the Whammy-Wah and there was another that was a kinda synth/whammy thingy. Digitech also have/had some compact multi-effects such as the RP series which have an expression pedal and some also had MIDI ports. There is also the full MIDI route which is where I spent a lot of time before going back to a combo and compacts.
  6. If you can afford it I highly recommend the trusty ol' Whammy...it does the normal octave stuff and a whole lot more. There's nothing like doing some random squeely bits to get bored metalhead teenagers excited. The Boss OC3 has 3 settings for standard OC2 type octave, octave with distortion and polyoctave mode... if you can get a Pearl one I'd really recommend it but they're getting very collectable now. actually, I think that most octave pedals that incorporate OD have the option of turning it off.
  7. hahaha...yeah, sorry...um...yeah, I'll say no more
  8. YAY!!!...it's finished! That neck looks lovely and so does the blue top The only thing I'm not so keen on is the orangeness of the body with the blue top but I imagine that it's much better in the flesh. Thank the lord for sunny February days, they make for great outdoor guitar pics
  9. Hey all, long time no spe...erm...type Just been sent this link http://www.woodsys.com/coolguitars.html
  10. there's some odd noises when he's muting the strings, they're not in sync with his hands. My initial thought was that it's a fake but then I wondered why anyone would fake something that crap?
  11. haha....saw that first pic & instantly thought of this:
  12. Apparently the acoustic properties of cocaine are quite similar to mahogany. You need to wear a respirator when cutting it though, the dust can be quite toxic especially the south american variety.
  13. I bought two pumpkins last night for halloween...the harvest has been a disaster this year because of the flooding so I went for two smaller ones rather than the usual goliath, not that I had much choice! I'm excited about getting these carved, I'm a big kid at heart...how's about sharing your pumpkins! Here's some inspiration: http://www.pumpkincarving101.com/ http://images.google.co.uk/images?hl=en&am...sa=N&tab=wi
  14. Sounds good to me. The software amp sims have actually sounded plenty good enough for a few years, the problem has always been that the home PC's/Mac's haven't been up to the spec's required for decent tracking & low latency. Once the drums, bass & vocals are in the mix no one is going to be scrutinizing the guitar sound unless it's dreadful...& that will be down to the production mostly. That's not to say that any advancements aren't good, for home studios the GTR3 sounds great. What they didn't cover is whether you get the same feeling playing along to some studio monitors
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