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Need help with guitar finishing


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To All Experts,

I am building a couple of Saga guitar kits and from this site have gathered a lot of tips of the process. However I am not sure of final clear coating process.

One of the Guitars is a PRS copy with flame top (a little stretch here by Saga). That will need a clear coat finish.

The other is a Telecaster copy which I will use a light green acrylic lacquer.

Do I still need to clear coat finish the Telecaster on top of the green?

And, in any case how many coats of clear lacquer would normally be used to finish any guitar and do you sand the clear coats as you would the colored coats?



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You don't have to clear coat over it but it will help protect it more. I usually end up with 10-14 thin coats of I do a clear on a body.

And no you can sand it between coats but build them up not between every one (3 or so coats should work).

Check out LGM's tutorials pinned above in the section of the forum and welcome aboard :D

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