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1/4 Inch Laminate Top

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I picked up a few 24x48 sheets of 3 ply birch, 1/4'' thick and nicely finished (Home Depot). I thought they'd be good to use for tops and backs for a hollowbody archtop project Im working on. I've seen other builders here use a similar thin plywood and clamp/glue down onto their body to form a hollowbody. The wood looks promising with decent grain but the one thing Im not crazy about is the Red hue of the birch, Can this be bleached out and turned back to a white-ish wood color? If it can be done I would appreciate some advise. The color I plan on for his guitar doesn't include red. Has anyone come across other lighter natural colored finished thin plywoods? Im not too crazy on the idea of hand-carving a top. Thanks, -Vinny

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