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Peavey's Acoustic Trem

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Did anyone ever play one and what happened to them

I'm not sure if any atrists played the exact model you are thinking about, but lots of people have used acoustic guitars with trems on MTV Unplugged, Bryan Adams springs to mind, a lot seem to use a Bigsby Tremolo fitted to the end of the guitar then the strings run over the usual bridge, or else there is some form of non friction ajustment made to the bridge, or maybe the strings don't actually touch the bridge. I would guess a non friction bridge in the style of fenders friction-less roler nut would be best so there is still lots of string vibration transfered to the soundboard.

Hope this helps.

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i met a guy who is designing a sort of trem idea for martin( this could be hush hush but i dont know so lets keep it between you and i)

he was telling me about his idea and was in a coarse at martin and they liked it and wanted a prototype so that is were hes at right now, its not really a trem but will raise the note a whole step i think(cant remember it could be half step) but hopefully it will work out for him, it sounded really neat!

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