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How Is The Rust-oleum Lacquer?

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how's the rustoleum specialty lacquer?


I bought a few cans for $3.97, seemed like a reasonable price. they shouldn't be all that bad, right?

I used the black stuff and it was allright. My only problem with it was Stewmac's clear lacquer did not adhere to it. Therefore, I give it a thumbs down.

The way I see it, it's better to spend a little bit of money on something you put so much time and effort into. Saving a few dolalrs and getting something that doesn't work too well, for me, was not worth it!

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Behlin, is an arm of Mohawk, and is also the maker of StewMac lacquer.

I've had nothing but GREAT results with Mohawk lacquer based dyes (aerosols).

Over those, I've used Deft and it seems to me to be the best aerosol lacquer on the market, in terms of ease of use, lack of blemish or fisheye, lack of blush, great flowout, easy to buff by hand.... and once its cured, VERY tough stuff.

So - Mohawk aerosol dyes, Deft lacquer. Deft seems to combine well with just about any other nitrocellulose lacquer too.

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