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Pickup configuration


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Hi, this is my first post on this forum, hope someone can help.

Having re-vamped my guitar i have aquired some new pickups and cant decide the best configuration. I have an ordinary humbucker for the bridge and then for the middle and neck i have single-size humbuckers (the rail type).

I was gonna wire them as H/S/H format using a 5way selector switch and coil split in positions 2 and 4.

Seeing as i have 3 humbuckers, anyone know of a system that would be better suited? For example, does anyone know how the 3hummer SG customs are wired??

Im aiming for versatility but without using individual toggle switches. Any insite would be appreciated :D



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hey and welcome to the forum...

don't know if these are useful but you could do this or individual pickup control or even a neck on switch so that whatever position your 5 way is in you can add the neck P-Up

hope that helps a bit


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I've got a guitar I wired without a tone pot. I left out the capacitor on volume control so that when I turned down the volume is sounded like the tone was being turned down as well. A lot of people leave the tone on 10 all the time anyway so it won't sound odd if you leave it out.

I recently wired the same guitar with 3 humbuckers using a 5 way switch. It sounded OK but I found positions 2 and 4 can sound horrible with the wrong pickups, I think you'd get more verastile sounds using a single coil in the middle.

The 3 pickup Les Pauls use a 3 position switch and are wired:

Position 1 - Neck

Position 2 - Neck and Middle

Position 3 - Bridge

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In order to experiment with all the possible pickup coil combinations, temporarily tape a breadboard similar to THIS to your guitar close to the control cavity. Connect all your pickup coil leads (all 4 wires for each humbucker if available) and your output jack to the breadboard. Then use small jumpers to interconnect all the possible parallel and series combinations you can think of. Once you've decided which combinations sound good to you, figure out the switching.

BTW, in case you're not familiar with these breadboards, they have solderless connections where you just push the wire into one of the "spring loaded" holes and push another wire into another hole in the same row to connect them. Pull the wires back out and re-use the board over and over. It's very convenient.

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