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What Are The Pluses Of Zebrawood Fretboard

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I am trying to decide what I want my fretboard to be. I have already decided that it is going to be a 25" inch scale. The neck is a through-neck limba/purpleheart/limba laminate. My choices at this point are zebrawood, pau ferro, maple, or purpleheart. Though I admit these choices are from a purely cosmetic position. Any suggestions which would better suit the proposed instrument would be greatly appreciated.

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Clear sustaining tone, density, and good looks are it's Pluses.

Negatives would be it's course, open-pored feel.

Great choice on the purpleheart and limba, btw, both are great tonewoods that match well.

You might consider Wenge for the fretboard. Think of it as a darker looking version of Zebrawood, but it's a little smoother and has more bass to it.

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