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Gold Kahler Hybrid Tremolo... Any Quality Issues?

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Hello All..

I am just starting the to build my first guitar, and am leaning toward the Kahler 7300 Hybrid in the GOLD finish. I read in the older posts by WESTHEMANN that he didnt like the BLACK version as well as the CHROME. I was just wondering if anyone has used the GOLD version yet. And if so, what was your impression?

I've not used a tremolo much before, and I think the Kahler might be easier as far as setup and tuning. Also, I like that it can be locked in place. And last but not least, I think it might be a little less complicated as far as routing the cavity and installing onto the guitar. I'm a little intimidated about maybe having to calculate a neck angle, but I'm researching that at the moment. I'll have to cross that bridge when I come to it.

I'm building an Ibanez/Jackson style double cutaway. It will have a 24 fret bolt-on neck(I cheated and bought one this time...I'll probably try to make my own on the next one..), dual humbuckers (I'm leaning toward the EMG Zakk Wylde set), and Kahler 7300 Hybrid tremolo.

So far, I just have the body cut out of the blank, and have made a pickup routing template.

I was thinking of finishing it in a black of some sort, and using gold hardware. Nothing too fancy - I just hope I end up with something I enjoy playing.

Anyway.. I would appreciate any and all opinions & comments about the tremolo, or any think else that comes to mind. I'm sure I will be asking a lot more questions as I progress. Thank you all in advance for your time, and have a GREAT day !!

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the hybrids are the best trems kahler makes- handbuilt in the US. great trems, i don't see how they could possibly have issues. all the kahlers i've worked with have been great, except for the X series, but those are mass-produced in china, so i'm not too surpised. hybrids are well worth it, though.

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In fact a Kahler Pro is WAY better. A Hybrid is made from USA parts, and China ones, so it's a hybrid between the X-Trem (Lower line BC Riches trems) and the Pro. The hybrid is supposed to be good, having the Kahler ''feel''. If you like Kahlers more than Floyds and are on a budget, go for it. Pros aren't cheap.

I'd say a hybrid is to a Pro as a Jackson Floyd is to a Ibanez ZR (which is the best Floyd Rose-type trem IMO) an OFR.

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