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Wiring Some Dimarzios


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Hi, I can't figure this out from dimarzio schimatics, they're so confusing. I want to find out mainly where the capacitor goes, I think it doesn't go just anywhere on the Tone, and also how to wire the pots to the jack and switch, and which wires from the pickups go onto the vol pot, after that, I can probably just go trial and error to get the switch working in the right order. Well, here is my wiring schematic, if anyone can help me wire it up, I'll be happy to donate some money to this forum/website in return for the help. http://i18.photobucket.com/albums/b127/Sarevok00/wiring.jpg

on the chopper, the black and white are together btw. I don't think I want to bother with 4 wiring on that either, just 2 wires will do it's possible.

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This is a bit rough but hopefully makes sense

First thing to do it wire the white and black wires together on both pickups and put some tape around the connections. Now you have two conductor pickups rather than four.

Then the red wire from the pickups have to go to the switch - i have drawn the chopper with a purple wire to keep things clear.

They go to the two outer lugs on the switch - but you then need a little jumper wire going to the lug next to them

Then put a wire form the middle two lugs of the switch to the volume pot where i have shown. one side lug of the volume pot needs to be soldered to the case of the volume pot

Then the middle of the volume pot goes to the middle of the tone pot.

The capacitor goes onto one lug of the tone pot and the other leg is soldered to the back of the pot.

You then put another wire from the middle of the tone pot to the tip of the output jack

Now go back to the pickup wires - you will have a green wire on each one and some bare wire as well - all these need soldering to the back of the volume pot and then a wire needs to go to the sleeve of the output jack

If your cavity has shielding (either metal foil or black paint) you are done. If not you will also need to add a wire between the back of the volume pot and the back of the tone pot to complet the ground circuit.

I am not 100% sure about the switch wiring because there are many different types and you may need to figure out which is the tip and which is the sleeve of the jack socket


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before I make the attempt, I remember seeing a soldered wire on the spring thing for the trem, I'm told that was for grounding, what should I do about that? I forget where it went, I think it might have gone to the vol.. Thanks for the help so far, I'll start to get some bits wired up.

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he means the output jack,

does it look like one of these


the mono one has 3 bits sticking up but only two of them are soldering lugs, the stereo one has 5 bits sticking out with 3 soldering lugs

Have a look closely at your output jack - the soldering lug that connects stright to the middle section of the jack (the sleeve) is your earth/ground connection. The other lug should connecct to the long bent bit of metal that we call the tip!!!

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