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Eden Guitar Necks, How Are They

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hi guys and girls, i am looking to make a bass guitar for my girlfriend to learn on (i have somewhat recently started a band with her singing and a drummer, but have been having trouble getting a bass player playing with us) basically i want to make a bass fairly quickly and cheaply, and if it seem to be working out down the road i will make a neck through from scratch. i am only making my first neck at the moment, but if in the next few days i find it easier than i thought/fun i may change my mind and do the whole thing right away, but i have plans for a neck through 12 string (aswell as the wood and the neck laminate glued up ready for work to be started, so i dont want to be too long before i start on this project, but ill see how the neck goes.

my question is (if you got through that rambling) has anyone used one of those eden necks off ebay? i was thinking i might get one of the maple/maple j bass necks and use that for the bass, and possibly get some other parts from them aswell (tuners and possibly a bridge). has anyone heard good or bad things about them?

another question i have is about woods, what kind of tone would one expect from new guinea rosewood. they have some at the timber place ive been going to for a very reasonable price and has quite reasonably atractive grain. its quite hard, harder than mahogany and alder, but not quite as hard as walnut, which makes me think is reasonably brightish, but i know that the rosewood usually used in guitars is a warm sound due to alot of oils in the wood. anyone know much about it? its closely related to padouk so i think im going to use it for the body, but i want a reasonably bright body wood for the bass.


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im thinking i may just see if i can borrow a bass for a bit while i make a nice neckthrough. now i just have to convince her to let me do a natural or stain, she wants a bright red one, id much rather show the grain pattern, especially if i end up doing the new guinea rosewood for the wings.

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