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Black Limba Quandry

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I recently purchased some beautiful black limba and I have a dilemma as to how I want to use it. Originally I purchased it with the intent of building a solid black limba body guitar. When it was delivered it came a full 1.5 inches thick so it seems wasteful to shave off all that extra thickness to get just one body out of it. I was thinking that maybe I should bandsaw it to 3/4 inch and use it as the backs of maple laminate PRS style guitars instead. Then I could get two bodies out of the same wood. My real dilemma is if it is a good idea to cut it in half. I have never built a PRS style guitar before and I don't know how thick the back needs to be before building.

Any input would be greatly appreciated!

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Solid electric bodies are generally 1.75" thick, (thicker for carved tops, thinner for some guitars) but there's nothing etched in stone. You could resaw it and make tops and/or backs out of it, or use it as-is for a thin solid body, or put a quarter inch cap on it and make a 1.75" thick body, or any number of things. Whatever you feel will be the best use.

If it's a particularly nice piece, I might be tempted to make tops out of it by sawing the slab in half, then resawing the halves to make bookmatched sets (could probably get a couple sets out of each half). If it's a more average piece, I'd probably put a top on it and use it for a body.

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