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  1. C'mon guys, let's stick to helping out the OP here.
  2. Okay guys, question asked, answer found, let's move on. Thanks.
  3. I have a Jet/Performax 16/32... Takes maybe, 15 - 20 seconds per pass. 4 passes will cover the entire surface of both sides. Really depends on how many times you need to run it through, but time is definitely not excessive. I'm assuming we're just talking about surfacing here, not removing a lot of material. If you need to remove a significant amount, say 1/16", it'll take a few passes.
  4. I didn't notice the cat's body at first.
  5. I've used the one from StewMac for one and only one fretboard. Then bought the dozuki fret saw from LMI--it cuts *so* much easier. Doesn't have a depth stop though.
  6. Heart, Cheap Trick, Journey, Eagles, Elton John, Billy Joel, Fleetwood Mac
  7. The #6506 one only has the bearing above the cutters (on the router end of the bit), so it's already in the right place to route cavities.
  8. I don't suppose you took a photo of your meal and your beer again, did you Rick? I'm pretty sure I didn't, but I remember exactly what it was: Bison cheeseburger, Greek salad, one Guinness, one Bluegrass Brewing Co. Bourbon Barrel stout.
  9. That reminded me of another one. I was in Edinburgh with the same friend (and a couple other friends as well). We went to a pub that had an outdoor seating area with very large picnic tables made of thick mahogany. I commented on what a waste of good mahogany it was, making picnic tables out of it and leaving it out in the weather. ("Do you know how many guitar bodies I could get out of all these tables?") Many eyes rolled.
  10. I was at a pub having some food and a couple pints with a friend, when much to his dismay I pulled out my cell phone and started taking pics of the amazing solid mahogany bar top and big 3" thick floor to ceiling doors. He wasn't as impressed with it apparently.
  11. If it turns out well, that can be arranged.
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