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12 String Truss Rod

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I am building a 12 string acoustic guitar.

I assume the truss rod will be the same type that I used in my strat, a standard 2 way one simillar to this http://www.stewmac.com/shop/Truss_rods/Hot...Truss_Rods.html except that the top part was a flat steel bar rather than a rod, which was welded to the collars at the ends.

I'm just double checking before I go out and buy one.

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The StewMac hot rods are probably too thick to put 2 of them side by side, unless your neck is >1" finished thickness. I've got two 12s in the house right now, one neck is 40 years old the other is 3 years old, both are rock maple with separate fretboards (RW and maple), they are btoh fine with a single truss rod. If you're really concerned about stability, go with a pair of carbon fiber rods on either side of a single truss rod.

FWIW the only 12s I've seen with 2 rods are Rickenbackers.

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I agree with Erik. I have a 42 year old twelve string with a single rod, no issues. You want the neck itself to carry the load, with a little assistance from a truss rod if needed. The truss rods should not be needed to carry the load(if you need two that means the full strength of one rod on top of the strength of the neck is not enough, which would be a bad situation). Wide necks seem like they could benifit from two rods(not so much for strength as much as flexability of adjustments), and by wide I am thinking 6 string basses.


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