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Jimi Hendrix' White Guitar (that He Used In Woodstock)

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Its olympic white, but with vintage guitars, due to UV ray and smoke the outer clear coats become yellowed giving it that aged look you are speaking of. To do this I would use a very weak coat of Lacquer+Thinner+stain. I would really dilute the lacquer like 2 parts lacquer 1 part thinner. I use the ready to spray behlens instrument lacquer so depending on what lacquer you use you might need to dilute it more. When mixing the stain remember you can always put more coats of yellow to get what you want, its not so easy to take them off. A little yellow goes a long way especially on white. Hope this helps

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leave it in the sun...? is that advisable..? also, i recently came across the Jimi Hendrix Monterey Pop Festival guitar and the it looks really cool. i would really want to do a refinish like that but i can't get a pic big enough to be able to see the design clearly.. any help?

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