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Emg Select

low end fuzz

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hopefully someone has had some luck with these; ive been toying around with them because i have 6 sets of various ones that i planned on using for small upgrades when ppl ask for something better than their japaneese vantage pups that wont cost anything;

theres always hum, im told insantly they sound a lot better but the hum bugs me;

i decided to use a humbucker and jazz combo in an sg bass i made, for no other reason than they looked simalar to the sizes of the pups in the real one...meh;

but this one i wanted to really figure out there potential;

well, its a lot of hum;

ive coppered the pup cavities the control cavity/cover

bridge ground to the common; pickups grounded to the common and pots grounded to each other /input and to common;

i think i killed my tone pot and am going to change it sunday (saturday is beerfest) but unless thats the reason (like the grounding doesnt count because the pots not conducting(?) it right?

i was going to remove the bridge ground like there normal pickups but when i learned about that it was grounded out with no sound, i got working everyting (- 1 pot)

so what sucks?

me or the pickups?

thank you

oh yeah 500k pots

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